http://pariuri247.comBasketball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. The competitive basketball has well stated rules and asks to the player fantasy, finesse, and an excellent physical shape.
Beside this, for occasional games, were developed numerous basketball variants.
In many countries basketball is a popular sport with many funs.
This sport was born in 1891 at Springfield College in Massachusetts USA.
In 1904 a basketball demonstration took place at Olympic Games in St. Louis.
The game has also spread to Europe and in 1932 was founded “Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur” (FIBA).Basketball bet
Since 1935, take place European Championship.
This spectacular sport has today a lot of funs and a lot of people bet on basketball competitions. Check the best tips for 2013, you could try Unibet and place your first basketball bet or bet 365, and maybe even Paddy Power mobile for a healthy mobile version.

Few types of basketball bets

• Bet before the game, including special bet
All the bets placed before the game includes over time, excepting the case when is otherwise specified.
• Bet with 3 variants – are decided depending on the result at the end of the regular time.
• Second half betting – placed on the odds list before the game, they include the over time.
• Bet type: 4th Quarter and the Most Points Quarter – the bet does not include the over time. For the type “the Most Points Quarter” are applied the rules Dead Heat.
• Most points in a quarter – the rules are similar with the ones for Push (in case of equal the bet are reimbursed).
• The player / Team that scores the most points– the Dead Heat rules are applied.
• Compared betting – players / players’ performancesBet online on basketball
There are available bets on a certain player performances in many categories: number of points, rebounds, assists, blockages, free throws, applying Push rules (in case of equal the bet are reimbursed)
• The Double Double / The Triple Double – For “The Double Double” the player have to score 10 or more in 2 of the followings 5 categories. In “The Triple Double” the player have to score 10 or more in three of the followings 5 categories: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blockages and Takeovers.
• Live basketball bet that includes the over time.

If it’s suitable for you, you can place also a mobile bet on basketball. Read more and register.

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